John Carver is a Dynamic Public Speaker will Education, Inspire and Motivate your audience.

Mr. Carver reaches down to the soul of his audience and pulls from them energy, passion and a new insight on themselves and others. He leverages more than twenty five years of business experience for your audience. He has given over 600 speeches to a wide range of audiences and also writes for several publications. His, hands on experience, real life stories and illustrations of what we encounter daily, helps audiences consider all their options and apply immediate solutions. He had a terrible speech impediment, as a child, and has taken that challenge and created an attitude of helping others reach their goals in life. His main source of inspiration for his audiences is the Bible.

Mr. Carver shares his journey with infertility and the joy of adopting six children from Russia and Belarus as well as his youngest child’s (Juliana) struggle with cancer since age 5.

Some of what Mr. Carver teaches is:

Identifying your primary temperament (how are you wired?)

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

Personal & business goals

Becoming extraordinary

Ignoring the critics

Maximizing personal relationships


No mountain is too high