Public Speaker

Keynote Speaker, Author and Media Contributor

Powerful, Touches the Heart, Compassionate, Inspiring, Leadership Expert, The “Real Deal”, Overcomer

John shares insights from his own life as well as the lives of thousands of people he has served since 1988. His, unique, story of how he and his wife adopting six orphans from Russia and Belarus mixed with powerful tools he has discovered in his life will leave you and your audience touched, inspired and motivated.

John has the unique ability to help people discover:
The latent “gifts” in people.
. Hidden goals and dreams that had been hidden for years.
. Teach people how to maximize how they are “wired.”
. Suggest possible redirection of specific employee’s roles to enhance company’s bottom line and employee’s satisfaction level.
. The key to stay focused during the day.
. How to overcome discouragement.
. How to bounce back.
. Turn pain into gain.
. Leading from the front!
. How to ignore the “naysayers” in your life.
. The hidden power of attitude.
. Following the “Herd.”
. And much more.

If you seek a professional who seeks to encourage, motivate,
train, redirect and provide leadership to your organization
contact Mr. Carver at 1-410-905-8336 or johncarver@wildblue.net